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FRANK NOVINEC (Hatebreed, Terror, Integrity, Ringworm)

Frank3gun is undoubtedly one of the best people I have ever met in my entire life. His brutally simple approach at life is to be admired and revered and his contributions to the music world for decades is to be respected and honored. Always down for the best of times, no matter what the scenario — Frank Novinec may possibly be the greatest.

 Frank Novinec (@frank3gun)

Aliases: Frank3gun, Florida Frank
Location: Florida
Age: Ageless

The beginning of it all. How did Hardcore enter your life and why, so many years later, are you still involved? What sort of a personal impact do you feel it has made on you as a person?

I got into Hardcore through Metal. In the mid-80’s I was into Slayer, Venom, Possessed, etc. (I still am) and then I found Crumbsuckers, Circle Jerks, DRI and then "Agnostic Front" and they were the band that changed my life... shaved my head, all that shit. If it wasn’t for Agnostic Front, I wouldn’t be where I am today — the guitar player for Hatebreed — I really believe that. And it also blows my mind to be friends with those guys, 20 some years after they had such an impact on my life. I try and keep my ear to what’s goin’ on in the scene. I know there’s real shit out there and there’s trendy bullshit that lasts a year. It’s tough for the young kids to see past all that. I just was on the road for the last week with Terror (hanging, not playing) and had a great time with them, Trapped Under Ice, Stick To Your Guns, etc. Got turned onto some great bands (Take Offense, Rotting Out. Shout out to S.O.S. and Reaper Records as well).

Depending on the audience, some people know you as Frank from Ringworm, Frank from Integrity, Frank from Terror or Frank from Hatebreed. Give a rundown of all the bands you have been a part of and how each one eventually lead into the next.

Well that is the exact order. I just started networking as one does in the Hardcore scene. You meet people and one thing leads to another. Integrity and Ringworm were never full-time touring bands (with all due respect). When Terror wanted me to join I knew I was gonna have to throw my job, family, and security out the window,  but I didn’t want to look back wondering down the line, "what if"? if I hadn't taken this opportunity. Terror was the first "full-time" band for me. I joined that in ‘04 and while enjoying playing full-time, during those 2 years (to '06), it had it's ups and downs. There were a lot of incidents that always had me leaning toward quitting and going back to work and leaving music period. Not that it wasn’t fun either though (Scott had been one of my best friends for 15 years before I even joined Terror) but at that point Hatebreed called and already being some of my best friends, they wanted me. There was to be no auditions or anything. So I decided it was time to move on. Though never vocally expressing being unhappy in Terror (with the entire band at least), I think getting up and quitting on the spot probably wasn’t the best way to go about it and is one of few things in life I regret to this day. Terror (especially Scott) and I had our differences for about a year until we made things right. Terror was a well oiled machine before I was in it and have been, and still will be for years to come since I’ve left. In the long run, it’s worked out for the best. Hatebreed is home now. I’ve been here for 5 plus years and I enjoy it well.

Having written some of my personal favorite music for many years, where did you initially draw influence or inspiration from when writing the early Ringworm songs and up until the most recent material you have written, what inspires you still?
I just like something that’s catchy, something you listen to the first time and love. If it has to "grow on you", it’s usually shot from day 1 in my opinion. I’m very critical of my songwriting. With Ringworm, we were fans of Hardcore and the 1st wave of Earache bands so we made something of a hybrid. That really hadn’t been done before.

Of all the songs in the Frank3gun catalog you have written, what is your crowning achievement? What song or songs are you most proud to have signed off on?

Ringworm "Birth Is Pain" and "Justice Replaced By Revenge" records and my work on Integrity "Seasons In Then Size Of Days" and "Humanity Is The Devil" records. No doubt.

Who is more weird; Jamey Jasta, Scott Vogel, Dwid or Human Furnace?

They are all weird as shit in thier own ways, they would never be frontmen if they weren’t. I’m weird as fuck as well, and saying that, Scott and I are so much alike it’s insane. We come from the same background, same bullshit, same region of the country. Am I saying Scott’s the weirdest? No! We all know the answer is Dwid. No one else I have been on tour with has dressed up as, talked liked and pretended he was Wayne Newton for a whole tour in Europe, when in fact (in his mind) we were in Vegas! Hahahahah. I still talk to all 4 of these guys all the time. Shit, I may have talked to the other 3 more recently than I have with Jamey! They’re all great, I love them all.

Where do the nicknames "Frank3gun" and now "Florida Frank" come from?

"Frank3gun". First off, I just want to say I always hated that nickname. Dwid gave it to me after an incident in Buffalo where I was on the road with them (before I was in the band) and Integrity (as many of you know) used to start all kinds of shit back then. To make a long story longer, 3 of them had guns on them and Dwid decided he was gonna fight Daryl from Snapcase over some Victory Records shit in front of the whole club of like 600 kids. We knew the cops were comin', so since no one really knew me, guess who had to tote them around all night?, So I'm bugging out because the cops are asking questions and shit and here I am, standing right there, holding this bullshit. There's the story. "Florida Frank". A name given to me by Jim Chinni, one of our tour managers (due to my love of Florida and place where I now reside). Florida - as in "old", "retired", "living in Florida" ahahahahaha. 

Does da booty really smell good doe?

You tell me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGKkcE_1WT4

Your thoughts on;

Budweiser: King Of Beers
Pedialite: Saved my ass many times
Kiss: Hottest band in the world

Final comments?

This was fun! Thanks Buske. Anything for you, anytime!

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